Free Sales Certificates

Many countries outside the EU/EFTA require „Free Sales Certificates“ when importing cosmetic products. These certificates certify to the companies that the cosmetic products (or - as the case may be - home care products) intended for import into a third party country comply with the applicable national legal provisions and EU law. IKW has been issuing such export certificates for many years for its member companies and, in certain exceptional cases, also for German non-member companies. The issuance of these documents also includes the certification of the IKW signature by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Frankfurt am Main.

Furthermore, two ministries (Hessian Ministry for the Environment, Climate Protection, Agriculture, Consumer Protection in Wiesbaden and Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection Rhineland-Palatine in Mainz) have officially entrusted IKW with the issuance of „Free Sales Certificates“ for cosmetic products.

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