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Residual amounts in cosmetic packages

Time and again there are questions concerning the full residual emptying of cosmetic packages.

The diversity of cosmetic products also applies to their packages. This is on the one hand due to the fact that products require specific packaging forms depending on their consistency as well as the form in which they are offered such as spray, gel, wipe or stick. On the other hand, the cosmetic manufacturers want to meet various preferences of consumers such as jars or tubes for creams. Depending on the type of packaging and materials, the residual emptying can be different due to technical reasons. Whilst open packages such as jars can be emptied down to the last residues, smaller residual amounts cannot be avoided for closed packages such as tubes, dispensers or so-called stand-up packages. Consumers know this from all product areas in which these packaging forms are used, in particular for foods.

Consumers know from the most popular packaging forms from their own experience the position which is most appropriate for storage after use of the product, in order to simplify the next use and be able to empty the package as much as possible.

Cosmetic manufacturers offer consumers packages which are attractive and protect the product. They ensure a simple possibility of withdrawal of the product and observe consumer habits as well as preferences in the respective product category. Packages serve for cosmetic products not only as an outer wrap for safe transport but have also the purpose of securing the functionality of the content, the desired application properties as well as the proper and convenient dosage of the products.

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