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Labelling of pump sprays in the field of hair care and deodorants

In accordance with Article 8 para 1 d) in conjunction with No. 2.2 b) of the Annex to the Aerosol Dispenser Directive, pressurised containers which contain flammable components must regularly be labelled as “flammable” or “extremely flammable” and in addition with the “flame” symbol. For cosmetic aerosols these provisions have been implemented in Germany in the Aerosol Packaging Ordinance.

Although pump sprays are no aerosols and are, therefore, not subject to the provisions of the Aerosol Directive and/or the Aerosol Packaging Ordinance, it is nonetheless useful in terms of product liability law to label also pump sprays with the imprint “flammable” or with the “flame” symbol.

Furthermore, the mention “Do not spray into the eyes” is recommended.

The mentions “flammable” and “Do not spray into the eyes” fulfil their warning function, however, only if they are affixed – as all other legally presctibed information – in an indelible, clearly visible and easily legible manner.


(as of April 2006)

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