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Biodiversity is becoming increasingly important for companies

Natural raw materials play an important role for cosmetic products, because many plant-based and other biological raw materials are used in cosmetics. Biodiversity, i.e. the biological diversity of plants, animals and other living organisms, is, therefore, of great importance for cosmetics manufacturers - biodiversity is practically the source of raw materials for important cosmetic ingredients. However, studies show that the habitats of many species are being destroyed and biodiversity is rapidly declining worldwide.

Companies can make an important contribution to counteracting this loss of diversity: a respectful and ethical sourcing approach of raw materials along the entire supply chain protects biodiversity so that people and nature can benefit in the same way. Furthermore, ethical sourcing ensures that companies can secure long-term access to biological resources and can thus also minimise costs as well as risks. For this to succeed, cosmetics manufacturers should integrate the issue of preserving and protecting biodiversity even stronger into their business processes and strategies as an integral part of their corporate culture.

UEBT (Union for Ethical Biotrade) promotes ethical sourcing of raw materials as a non-profit organisation and is a partner of the Beauty Care department within IKW. With the jointly compiled information sheet “Sourcing with Respect for People and Biodiversity” interested IKW members receive information on the topics of biodiversity, ethical sourcing and the feasible implementation of measures.

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