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Baby powder does not belong in children’s hands!

Time and again accidents occur during which babies or infants play on the diaper changing table with the powder compact and inadvertently spill powder on their face. If they inhale the powder, this can result in breathing problems up to serious pulmonary damage. The affected children must then endure unpleasant diagnostic and therapeutic measures such as a bronchoscopy.

Correct application important!

Public authorities as well as paediatricians and dermatologists do not see any additional benefit in baby powders versus alternative products for baby care such as creams or lotions. Nonetheless powder products continue to be the preferred choice of many parents for the care of baby bottoms.

If they apply the baby powder correctly, they can continue to use it safely. The Competence Partner Beauty Care within IKW recommends to observe the instructions for use printed on the products in all cases. It is particularly important that the powder compacts are always kept out of reach of children and that they do in no case play with them.

Safe packaging

During the past years the manufacturers have already taken a series of measures in order to further improve the safety of their products. Examples include: no refill packages, smaller dispensing openings, snap-on and press closures, loading of the powders, conversion to one-off uses.

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