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The beard is here to stay!

For young men, a beard is much more than just facial hair. Having a beard separates the men from the boys. So young men take more care of their prized and magnificent facial hair accordingly.

The first beard hairs begin to sprout in puberty. However, it is rare for young men to have a thick beard growth from the start. In most cases, initially just delicate fluff appears and to begin with this is perceived as somewhat embarrassing. Odd gaps and empty areas are observed in the beard. These young men admire the magnificent and complete beards of their fathers, grown-up friends or celebrities. After all, beard growth is the visible sign of the level of maturity of your manhood: are you still a little boy or already a real man?

The in-depth psychological-representative <link - external-link-new-window "Opens external link in new window"">study</link> of teenage boys and young adults on behalf of the IKW (German Cosmetic, Toiletry, Perfumery and Detergent Association) showed that young male adults are heavily preoccupied with this subject – even if they do not often want to talk about it. A teenager reports: "

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