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Legal Affairs: Information for manufacturers

Cosmetic products contribute towards the wellbeing of consumers, and everyday life can no longer be imagined without them. During the past years, consumers have increasingly turned to natural cosmetics or nature-orientated cosmetics. However, natural cosmetics, nature-orientated cosmetics and... Read more

Safety: Product

Cosmetic products must be safe for the consumer according to the legal requirements. This also includes microbiological safety. The products are therefore manufactured with the greatest possible care to ensure that no pathogenic germs are contained or can multiply in the products. The raw materials... Read more

Good to know

The results of a current IKW survey show which service Germans would like to use first... Read more

All Beauty Care

Consumers are currently wondering how they can protect themselves and their families from... Read more

Good to know

We cannot imagine our daily life without detergents and cleaning agents, hair shampoos,... Read more

Good to know

A new serum with active ingredients from grapevines or rather the BB cream for an even... Read more

Safety: Substances

For more than 100 years mineral oils (also called paraffins) have been applied in cosmetic... Read more

Good to know

Time and again there are questions concerning the full residual emptying of cosmetic... Read more