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Technically avoidable contents of heavy metals in toothpaste

Communication by the Federal Health Office

Federal Health Gazette 33 No. 4, April 1990

Current investigations by the regional investigation offices on the heavy metal content in toothpaste have shown that the contents in these special products are far below the limit values for technically avoidable contents of heavy metals published in 1985, which referred to cosmetic products in general. On the basis of these data the Commission for Cosmetic Products at the Federal Health Office has stated in its 41st session on 16 November 1989 that the following heavy metal contents can currently be complied with in technical terms as maximum concentration in toothpaste:

Arsenic:  0.5 mg/kg
Antimony:  0.5 mg/kg
Lead:  1.0 mg/kg
Cadmium:  0.1 mg/kg
Mercury:  0.2 mg/kg

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