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Technically avoidable contents of heavy metals in cosmetic products

Communication by the Federal Health Office

Federal Health Gazette 28 No. 7, July 1985

Based on investigations about heavy metal contents in cosmetic products, the Commission for Cosmetic Products at the Federal Health Office established in its 31st session on 2 November 1984 that heavy metal contents in cosmetic products which exceed the values specified below, are to be considered as technically avoidable:

As:  5 mg/kg
Sb:  10 mg/kg
Pb:  20 mg/kg
Cd:  5 mg/kg
Hg:  1 mg/kg

Federal Health Gazette No. 7/1992 and No. 4/1996

Technically avoidable content of nickel in cosmetic products:

Ni:  10 mg/kg

(determined in accordance with DIN EN 71, Extracting agent: sweat simulation solution (pH approximately 2.5)):

It has the following composition:

Sodium chloride for analysis:  4.5 g
Potassium chloride for analysis:  0.3 g
Sodium sulphate for analysis:  0.3 g
Ammonium chloride for analysis:  0.4 g
Lactic acid, approximately 90%*, ultrapure:  3.0 g
Urea for analysis:  0.2 g
Distilled water or water with a corresponding purity:  1000 ml

*Mass fraction in %

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